The NFL Hates the Fans

Well it happened. The NFL owners near unanimously (31-1, the Dolphins voted no)  approved the Raiders to move from their longtime home of Oakland to Las Vegas. For those of your keeping track at home this is now the 2nd time the Raiders have left Oakland, and the 3rd NFL team in the past year-and-a-half to move. Never has the NFL seen so much movement in such a short amount of time, and it’s all about one thing. Money.

NFL teams have never lasted in LA before. The Chargers, Rams, and Raiders have moved from there already before. The Rams are really the only team that has something resembling a legitimate claim to LA. They played there the longest, and never drew fans very well in St. Louis which is a baseball city. The Chargers moving to LA doesn’t make jack for sense. They played in LA for just a single season before moving to San Diego. Not to mention starting over with new fans, but they will be competing against the Rams who actually have something resembling fans in the city. LA now has 2 NFL teams, 2 big NCAA teams, 2 NBA teams, essentially 2 MLB teams, and 1 NHL team. This is too much. Mark my words here a team or 2 will suffer, and without the established fan base my bet is on the NFL teams.

The Raiders moving to Las Vegas is stupid. Plain & simple. The Oakland fans aren’t going to travel to Vegas often, and with the hotel tax they are basically bidding on tourism to pay for the stadium. The Raiders fans are going to be whoever is visiting Vegas this weekend as the actual city outside of the strip I don’t think really cares too much about the Raiders. As a matter of fact I don’t think I have seen a single person on a message board anywhere from Vegas who is actually excited about this. Vegas is in the bottom 4 in the TV market as well. This move from a fan’s standpoint is just dumb, and is just betting on the tourists to drop coin. (pun possibly intended).

Long story short the NFL is after the money. They couldn’t give 2 shits about the fans. The Raiders finally are good, and they are moving. The Chargers have been decent for a while, and they suddenly are moving. The Rams…ok the Rams suck and have sucked for a while, and they have the only somewhat legit claim to moving. The NFL and the owners just want the money, and with the recent moves (especially the Oakland one) it is becoming clearer. This could very begin spelling the slow fall of the NFL along with the concussion and injury concerns.

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